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Ghostly existence

Of choices it is.
Of identity it is.
Life takes several assessments
Result doesn’t matter as long as you appear.

Treachery is lucrative
Unethical paths too.
People will hold your hands but only because they could get through.

Fascinating world it is.
Number of chums are insignificant
As long as you are significant.
You exist. You’re alone.
You don’t. Well, it doesn’t take much to be a ghostly existence.
Of pride it is.


Remember the two roads that diverged
in yellow woods? And you chose the less traveled one.
What if you realise that there were three roads instead of two?
What if you want to revisit that divergence?
What if you want to chose again?
What if you want to carve out another road, that would be only yours?

You didn’t know yourself back then.
Do you think that you know now?
no, I presume.
What do you want, you don’t know.
All you look for is an escape.
Eluding to the blue, wanting to disappear.
However, all you wish is to do something tremendous and get noticed.
Funny, isn’t it?
You’re ambitious and laid-back all at the same time.
How can you cry and laugh at the same time?
How can you feel pain and ecstasy at the same time?
How can you go back to that divergence?